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October 12, 2023 | Poplar Hall, Appleton, WI

Join us on Thursday, October 12, 2023 for An Event, Period. — a fundraiser for The Monthlies Project, which is working to end period poverty in the Fox Cities region. The event was born out of the idea that our periods deserve to have the stage; that we shouldn’t fear discussing our monthlies! Come out and have a bloody good time raising funds to distribute products to youth in need at local schools, smash the stigma by encouraging conversation about periods, and bringing awareness to the issue of period poverty and the educational inequity it creates.

Stay tuned for tickets and registration info coming soon!

RESULTS FOR 2022 An Event, Period:

Our first ever event raised enough funds to supply over 500 individuals with period products for an entire year! Planning for next year’s event is underway.

We’ll be updating with more information soon!


Get this: 84% of young menstruators in school reported to have personally or known someone who missed class due to lack of access to period products. Period supplies aren’t cheap, but for anyone who has a period, they are an absolute necessity. The thing is, there are young people in our community who don't have access to the products they need, and what’s worse: public assistance programs are not permitted to be used to purchase menstrual health products. The good news is that for those in the Fox Valley who don't have access to products, there is The Monthlies Project.

Help us close the gap. No one should be at a disadvantage because of a period... PERIOD!